equip does not have any dependencies and is available on PyPi:

$ pip install equip

You can also install equip using the

$ git clone
$ cd equip
$ python develop

Current Limitations

The current version of equip only supports Python 2.7. It has not been tested on any other versions. Actually, if you try to run it on a different version, you’ll get an exception complaining about the mismatching version.

The more practical way to use equip is however to leverage virtualenv.


During testing and to instrument different part of the program, it is useful to deploy the program under a virtual env. Here are the few steps to create a virtualenv:

$ sudo pip install virtualenv
$ mkdir project
$ cd project
$ virtualenv test-env
$ . test-env/bin/activate

Under this virtual environment, you can install equip the same way:

$ pip install equip